Psychiatric Ambulance for violent patient

Psychiatric Ambulance for violent patients, Psychiatric emergency means patient become uncooperative, very aggressive, & violent that it’s become very difficult to manage them at home. In such conditions, they need urgent medical attention for counseling and medications.

But brought such patients to the medical center are very tough & challenging, most of time family members unable to do it by themselves

We at Almas having the best professional team (Doctor, Paramedics) considered the best team in Delhi NCR North India for rescue unmanageable. Or are extremely violent and agitated patients to healthcare facilities, thereby making it easier. And comfortable to family members to seek treatment for their loved ones.

Modes of shifting of the psychiatric patient:-

  • Air ambulance
  • By commercial flight
  • Road ambulance

We at Almas having more than ten years of experience in the rescue of violent & unmanageable patients to different health care facilities.

24 X 7 HELPLINE:-Ambulance Services for violent psychiatric patients

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There is a number of psychiatric centers, de-addiction & rehab centers in Delhi NCR & neighboring states. And provide their best to treat all condition. Some institute is best for psychiatric problems others are for de-addiction.

Apart from psychiatric ambulance services our professionals also provide useful guidance regarding admission for patients in different facility i.e. Which institute will be best for your patient as their condition. That will make it easier for the family members to seek treatment for their loved ones.



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