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24 Hours Ambulance Services

Air, Train, Road Ambulance Services Chandigarh, Chandigarh is both a city and a Union Territory. And also it is combined capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana. It is a planned city and its architecture and urban design is renowned worldwide. Chandigarh has many distinctions like it was declared the cleanest city in India. And also it has highest per capita income in India.

Air Ambulance Service 

This city also boasts of world-class healthcare infrastructure supported by Air Ambulance Services in Chandigarh. The ambulance service deserves special mention as it is privately held and operated by a leading group.

Ambulance Services in Chandigarh

Train Ambulance Services 

Chandigarh hospitals are well connected with the rest of the country and the credit to upgrade the healthcare of the city goes to the Train Ambulance Services in Chandigarh service that is ready to work day and night to provide real help at times of need. Patients from distant places are transferred to city hospitals in trains and the ailing persons in city hospitals are shifted to medical facilities in nearby states in trains and aircrafts. The ambulance service serves need of everyone with due care. The service is made accessible and affordable for all. It is only due to the ambulance service that Chandigarh can claim to be the safest city for patients.

Airport: Chandigarh Airport operates flights to national and international destinations.

Air Ambulance Services in Chandigarh, In recent times, India has taken a giant leap in terms of technology and economy. Today, other nations look towards India as a progressive country which has the potential to become a super power in future. However, there is one area which is still in doldrums and need a stronger push. Thus, this is healthcare.

Almas Air and Train Ambulance Services is one of the most ambulance service providers in India. As well as all over the world by Advanced Air Ambulance with full of medical escorts. And, It is ISO 9001:2008 certification in quality management ambulance services. This is an emerging air ambulance services in India which has 24*7 hours services to the serious patients those who need to shift from Chandigarh under the supervision of world first class medical escorts services and ICU specialist MD doctors’ panel and a group of paramedical technicians having the advanced medical equipment’s.

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    There is a reason to choose Almas Ambulance Service over others. The services provided include air, rail and road ambulance with Basic Life Support and Advance Life Support.

    Choose Us For:-

    • Quick ambulance service
    • Experience in shifting patients
    • Well equipped for transportation of critical patients
    • Comprehensive pre-hospital and post-hospital care
    • Escort by senior doctors, surgeons and paramedics
    • Affordable service without hidden charges
    • Service available even on short notice
    • Serves national capital, state capitals, metro cities, towns and villages

    Almas Ambulance Service has the strongest medical escort team in the ambulance service sector. Also it uses latest and high-end medical accessories and support devices like commercial stretcher and wheelchair. It is dedicated to make ambulances accessible to people of all walks of life.

    Almas Ambulance Service is distinguished from others in many ways. It is the only company that provides comprehensive coverage to national and international destination with its fleet of vehicles and airplanes. Also it has the largest and the most experienced team of paramedics that are trained in working with high-end medical devices and equipment.

    Our Specialties Are:

    • Shifting of patients through chosen mode of transport
    • Escort service by trained professionals
    • Use of life saving medical devices
    • Quick service round the clock
    • Reliable ground support for patients
    • Cost effective price without any hidden charge
    • Service available for all needs
    • We work for people of all income groups


    Almas Ambulance Services is managed and run by a team of very senior and experienced doctors and paramedics. We understand value of latest technology in saving lives and for this reason we rely on only knowledge and work-experience of medical specialists for using latest devices.

    We are far ahead than others and the credit to our popularity goes to our medical team, vehicles, airplanes and equipment. We have shifted patients in critical conditions and also we have provided escort service to patients suffering from different medical conditions. And we are always successful in shifting patients in the golden time.