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Almas Train Ambulance Services

Train Ambulance Services in India have special service – Rail Ambulance Service for those patients who are in areas where good medical facilities are not available. And, for those who are medically stable, distance is long & time is not a primary concern for them. So, shifting by air ambulance very expensive for them. Thus, We have option for medical transportation of those patients through Rail ambulance services .

Train Ambulance Service

Special Features Train Ambulance Service in India

  • Patients transportation of patients through Train Ambulance is very cost effective than air ambulance & is very helpful.
  • We provide complete bed to bed shifting from discharging to receiving facility.
  • Our team of doctors and Paramedics are highly professionals & well trained for such type of patient transfers.
  • In Train Ambulance Services we provides all medical equipment required according to patient condition such as oxygen, ventilator, cardiac monitor, defibrillator, infusion pump, suction machine, scoop stretcher, emergency drugs etc.
  • As this mode of medical transportation is dependent on Indian railway schedule. So, we requires 3-5 days time for checking seat availability making arrangements for shifting depending upon the area.
  • Contact us ALMAS Ambulace for Rail Ambulance services.

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    Delhi is the national capital and also an administrative city. Its population is over 2 million and growing every day. It boasts modern means of transportation that include Metro and also it has the best healthcare institutions in the country. Its healthcare facilities cater to the needs of population of nearby cities and the entire country.