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Industrial Health Services:-

Industrial Health Services, Health at work and Healthy work environment are amongst the most valuable assets of individuals, communities and countries. In the light of rapid economic growth and industrial progress in our country. Therefore, It becomes imperative that safety and health at the workplace be given its due importance. 


Industrial Scenario

With the growth of industries in India, the number of occupational injuries and deaths has also increased. Introduction of hazardous machinery, toxic chemicals, high rise construction, unprotected machinery, poisoning and burns form chemicals, etc., are the main cause of injuries and deaths in the Indian industries – both organized and unorganized sectors

Health Scenario

So, In India, occupational accidents, traditional physical ad ergonomic hazards and occupational diseases are important factors influencing the health of the industrial workers.

In addition, Industrial health is science made up of multiple disciplinary healthcare services dedicated to the well being and safety of employees in the workplace. As well as, Industrial health services include employee health wellness, pre placement testing ergonomics, occupational therapy, occupational medicine etc.

At ALMAS, we are continuously work for prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases and control of workplace hazards as well as the development of a work environment and work conductive to workers’ health are the main purpose of our occupational health services.

Therefore, Almas is run by a group of highly skilled professionals providing complete spectrum of health care services. 

So, Our mission is to provide the gold standard health care and efficient medical assistance to our clients. We constantly work hard to improve the access and delivery of the best possible medical services for our clients. 

However, With the quality occupational health services across the country, our staff has experience of working with all types of employers from the full range of industries. Hence, Our occupational health teams will help keep your staff well and support them to get back to work quickly if they do become ill. 

Thus, We can save your business money, increase productivity and improve the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Services ALMAS offer:-

Whether your business is small, medium or large, single-site or national. So, AHC healthcare takes a flexible, customer-focused approach to meet the needs of employers. There are various costing models you can consider, but core services are:

Scope of Services:

Emergency Medical Assistance

Medical Room It set up which is equipped with all basic life support facility such as oxygen facility, cardiac monitor , first aid kit BP apparatus, glucometer , etc.
Medical Staff Trained Paramedic in medical room.
Consultant OPD Twice a week 

( Force Tempo traveller)

ACLS ambulance 24X7 ( with driver)
First Aid Training For  company employees 
Ergonomics Ergonomics training for company employs



In any organization employee’s health is the real wealth & key of growth for business. So, We at AHC healthcare are uniquely designed to meet the organization and employees growing health needs with a blend of convenience. 

We are specialized in providing a healthy assistance to the employees of your organization. Thus, Our employee health benefits Services (EHBS) takes care of your employees by providing them the facilities of primary checkup, Consultation by doctors, helping them to formulate their future lifestyle by providing insights using Health Risk Management analytics

We set up medical room which is equipped with all basic life support facility such as oxygen facility, AED, cardiac monitor, first aid kit BP apparatus, glucometer , etc. Medical room is a central platform for the employees to interact with healthcare professionals and get medicines. 

Medical room provides the facility:

  • Availability of doctors (Daily / Tri-weekly / Bi-weekly)
  • Full time paramedics
  • Medicines



Consultant OPD shall be arranged (Daily / Tri-weekly / Bi-weekly) to take care health concern requirement of employees of your organization.


Paramedic is a highly trained and skilled medical professional who is educated to carry out some of the duties of a physician. Then, Paramedics are typically utilized as emergency care practitioners on ambulances or on first response emergency vehicles. 

In Conclusion, Our paramedic works as an extender of the physician & available 24*7 in medical room. So, All procedures and medications administered by the paramedic are ordered and supervised by a physician. Therefore, This may be through direct supervision or remotely using telephone or pre-established written orders.

Our Emergency Helpline Number is 9999168707 & For More Enquiry & Contact Check Here.

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    Our ambulances are ICU on wheel vehicles with life saving State-Of-Art medical equipments & all emergency medications thus creating an environment similar to an Intensive Care Unit.


    • At Almas we design our vehicles especially for critically ill patient transfers. 
    • Our team of doctors and Paramedics are highly professionals & well trained for bedside to bedside patient transfer on life support systems.
    •  We have experienced of thousands of critical ill patient transfers via road from remote and urban areas.

    Facility in road ambulance:

    • Enough oxygen storage
    • Enough power back up (inverter & external source for power supply)
    • Complete ICU setup in ambulance.
    • Tracking system, good communication network etc.


    It makes good business sense to provide first aid and appropriate training to all your employees. Whether employees work in a high-hazard or low-hazard environment, they face a variety of risks. Shock, bleeding, burns, temperature extremes, musculoskeletal injuries, medical emergencies and distressed employees in confined spaces are just a sampling of the first aid emergencies which might be encountered in your business. 

    We will provide first aid training to your employees and prepared them to handle these types of injuries on all shifts and their coworkers are being treated until an ambulance/medical help arrives. 


    Ergonomics can make your job easier and keep your work force safer. As per your industry or the size of your company, applied ergonomics can help you get a good work out. 

    Our professionals ergonomically train your staff along with the satisfaction that your work force will be safe from hazards and ergonomics risk factors, your company’s profits will stay with the company instead of being used to pay workers’ compensation claims.