Calling an ambulance services in India? This is what you need to do!

When it comes to the development of emergency medical systems India is certainly a mixed bag of services given it has a large population without access to even basic services and a preponderance of advanced technologies. That said, Ambulances are easily accessible to the upper and middle classes, as well as tourists. However, pre-hospital care and ambulance services are inaccessible to the vast slums that lack access to roads.

On the other side, a large majority of patients are still driven to hospitals by private vehicles, despite the rise of private-public partnerships to increase access to emergency medical services. So, even if you are looking for ambulance no in Lucknow, you may have to put in a lot of efforts. On the other side, make sure you are familiar with the local emergency (or taxi) numbers. If you want to be sure you can find an ambulance in Lucknow or any other city in India upon requirement.

Where do I look for ambulance no in Lucknow?

“There is no centralized EMS system in India as of now and one must look for EMS coverage services MAP in their local area for a better idea of who the potential providers in your area may be. It depends on where you are and how much you have to pay. Besides, you might be able to call 108, a free service in some regions of India. Also, it might be possible to call 1298, a paid service offered in some regions of India.

On the other side, to contact the 151 ambulance bases that make up the Centralized Accident and Trauma Services (CATS) in Delhi, dial 102 or 1099. Besides, CATS offers free ambulance transportation to everyone.

In a nation with wide disparities, entrepreneurialism both results from and contributes to India’s extremely complicated and fragmented EMS system. A wide range of organizations, including the government, police, fire brigades, hospitals. And private agencies, manage emergency response and ambulance systems.

ambulance no in lucknowambulance no in lucknow


Depending on where you are and how much money you have to spend, there is a ton of ambulance no in Lucknow. For more information on service providers across the nation, you can search through on web and other sources.

Moreover, India has a variety of potential ambulance providers because there isn’t a formal prehospital emergency medical services system there:

  • Private ambulance service providers: They are accessible in major cities and offer services via subscription or in collaboration with local governments through public-private partnerships.
  • Private ambulances stationed at hospitals : These offer ambulance services to paying clients, typically on a subscription basis with a specified geographic catchment area.
  • Government ambulances : these are usually single vehicles that are operated and staffed by a public hospital, and are almost certainly used for inter-facility transfers.

On the other side, fire departments are uncommon, but when they are, they are frequently used for emergency situations requiring rescue. Such as car accidents, fires, and mass casualty events, rather than for medical conditions.

On the other side, Police, bystanders, taxi drivers, or NGOs may offer trauma patients care and transportation that is primarily uncoordinated and inconsistent. So, in order to find the ambulance no in Lucknow, simply search through google or other search engines.

How Ground ambulance services works in India?

“One-third of ambulances serve only as transport vehicles without paramedic staff in India,” according to a 2010 report from a famous survey. Moreover, there are two or more paramedics in only 28% of the ambulances. That said, here are a few of India’s more well-known ambulance service providers:

In India, a variety of vehicles, from simple vans to cutting-edge ambulances, are used to transport the sick and injured. Fortunately, the National Ambulance Code was published by the Ministry of Road Transport. And Highways in 2013 to establish minimum standards for the structural and operational specifications of ground ambulances. So, even if you are looking for ambulance no in Lucknow, you can simply use this service at large.

Where the patient would be transported in the ambulance?

It all depends on where the incident occurs and how much money you have in the pocket. Moreover, by dialing the ambulance no in Lucknow, it is possible to have a fully-equipped ALS ambulance come to your home, provide you with advanced medical care. And transport you to a private hospital with cutting-edge technology. If you are wealthy enough to afford a subscription-based ambulance service and are experiencing an emergency at home.

On the other side, you are more likely to rely on a kind stranger to get you to a public hospital if you are poor, live in a place without roads. Or are outside of your insurance company’s ambulance catchment area. The police or bystanders will probably either call a private ambulance service or take you to a private hospital. If you are a Western tourist or obviously not in need.

Final words

Regardless of what ambulance no in Lucknow you are dialing, always look for the best. Talking of the best, Almas ambulance services holds some big repute in the ambulance service domain across India. So, just in case you need an ambulance for your specific health emergency, always count on the best.