Gangtok is the capital of the mountainous northern Indian state of Sikkim. Established as a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the 1840s, the city became capital of an independent monarchy after British rule ended, but joined India in 1975. Today, it remains a Tibetan Buddhist center and a base for hikers organizing permits and transport for treks through Sikkim’s Himalayan mountain ranges. For shifting the patients overnight or within a few hours, choosing Air and Train Ambulance Service in Gangtok becomes of great significance. The facility ensures not only a safer service but also it provides the most effective time saving options too.

Why to choose Air and Train Ambulance Service in Gangtok & Train Ambulance Services in Gangtok?

You should certainly choose Almas Air Ambulance Service in Gangtok and Train Ambulance Service in Gangtok because of the following exclusive features:

  • Company is run by specialist doctors
  • One of the most trusted company in the country, India
  • Proven experience in the Air & Train Ambulance Services
  • Complete transparency
  • Competitive cost
  • No hidden cost
  • World-class medical services

Expertise in complete pre-hospital and post-hospital care including expert medical escorts, medically equipped air ambulance, advanced road ambulance, medically sound train ambulance, latest & modern wheel chair, commercial stretcher, complete facility of patient transportation and medical emergencies.

Expert advice

Expert counselling and assistance in finding the best suited hospitals, specialist doctors, consultants, and others

Air Ambulance

Having the need of transferring a seriously ill patient within a shorter duration to another city, you can contact Almas Ambulance. It’s the foremost destination to contact for many people, familiar with the quality of professional air ambulance services, offered through the source. Therefore, if you are searching for the best air ambulance service provider in Gangtok, the Almas Ambulance would be your dependable destination that has been offering quality and reliable air ambulance services to the needy since long. Reliable and the cost-effective air ambulance service of Almas Ambulance has attracted many people. People, who relied on them, felt satisfied with the services always. You may be the next person to be one of the satisfied clients of Almas Ambulance.

Easy to access the website of the company, Air Rescuer, will provide you detailed information about the offered air and rail services across the country. In addition to that, you can contact over your cell phone to get the best guidance for booking an air ambulance or rail ambulance services.

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